The Center for Conservation Leadership Program is a unique year-long environmental education program. In it, you will develop an understanding of important conservation issues while having fun with new friends in activities that include canoeing, hiking, kayaking, scientific research, team-building, naturalist skills and leadership training.

CCL participants are motivated and enthusiastic high school students with an interest in the natural world and a passion for the environment.

Each year, CCL provides a group of 15-20 rising ninth and tenth grade girls and boys with a comprehensive exposure to the concept of environmental stewardship. The one-year Certificate Program begins with a three-week trip to several sites in northern Wisconsin, where the students are introduced to hands-on field research.

In addition to working alongside scientists from universities and other conservation organizations, the students engage in team-building and leadership exercises as they make new friendships with peers from very different backgrounds. The trip includes hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking on streams and rivers. For some CCL students the trip provides their first opportunity to participate in nature, rather than just observe it.

During the following school year, CCL arranges a series of Workshops and Workdays that introduce the students to social aspects of conservation. These include learning about conservation professions, implementation of sustainable technologies and reconciling issues of environmental justice.

The culminating element of the CCL program is the Stewardship Project. To put environmental leadership into practice, the students conceive, design and conduct conservation-oriented projects that affect the lives of a greater number of citizens in their own communities.

CCL pairs each student with a volunteer adult Mentor, who serves as a guide and general resource to the student for the project. After carrying out their stewardship projects during the school year, the students make formal presentations at a Certificate Ceremony and Stewardship Project Presentation in the spring. The awarding of certificates marks a significant achievement for the students, and they are justifiably proud of what they have learned and accomplished over the year.

"CCL has given me so much of such great value that I cannot repay."

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family-reunion-clipart-ycoeaokce CCL Certificate Ceremony: Saturday, April 23, 2016, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Greenbelt Cultural Center, 1215 Greenbay Road, North Chicago, IL 60064 RSVP to [email protected]
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