Homeward Bound

It has been a long three weeks, yet at the same time, it seemed like we were just pulling away from Elawa farms.  Today was a great full day.  Even before breakfast, some of us went to one of the university’s practice fields and ran.  After a great meal, we met with someone who explained the process of getting a higher education, especially as a high school student.  Many of the students were able to get an introduction to the process they will be going through if they want to continue on with school.

  After that, we were met with two members of the urban forestry department, and learned about the importance of considering forest within an urban environment.  Then, we broke up into groups and got a chance to try some of the things that they do while on the job.  One group was able to go and try some techniques that foresters use to manage landscaping.  Everyone got a chance to use lopers and saws in order to trim a willow bush and some verbatium.  This was great fun, as we were able to monitor our progress right away.  The other group got a chance to work with a different forester and explore some fun things that they do within their jobs.  We once again put on harnesses and helmets for climbing, but this time it was in trees.  We learned about the importance of tree climbing and then how to properly do it.  It was great to watch everyone climb, especially being surrounded by buildings and curious students.  The groups got an opportunity to switch, as to experience both things.


After lunch, we went to work in the university’s greenhouse, which was a great experience.  It was mostly manual labor, but a great introduction to locally grown and harvested foods.  It was a hot afternoon, so the group cooled off in downtown Stevens Point at a local fountain before dinner, where we went into town and ate at a local New york style pizza place.  Of course, we couldn’t have pizza without ice cream, so we spent a considerable amount of time in the quaint downtown area.  Afterwards, we went back to UWSP’s nature preserve and had a wrap up activity, where we discussed some of the things we learned.  Also, everyone was put into one large green bandana group to signify our completion of the summer experience with CCL/  It was a beautiful evening and a great time for reflection.  We are so proud of everyone, and the trip home tomorrow will be bittersweet.


PARENTS: Please be at Elewa Farm in Lake Forest, IL at 4:30 pm tomorrow afternoon in order to meet the bus and pick up your child.  I’m sure you are all excited to hear about their wonderful trips.  We look forward to seeing all of you again tomorrow.