To the Shores of Lake Superior

“I want to see you all again! I don’t want to lose you guys,” says Chris as he realizes that the summer experience is almost coming to an end. Still—there is an exciting several days left of camp. Today marks the start of the final week of the CCL summer experience.  After a warm farewell from Camp Manito-wish at breakfast, we departed for Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Shortly after arriving at Northland College, we had a wholesome, homemade lunch and took to the Voyager Canoes on Lake Superior! Voyager Canoes can hold up to 16 people; within our group, it is a pretty even split. We paddled in two voyager canoes along the shore of Lake Superior. We learned about the local estuary. An “estuary” usually means “the place where salt water and fresh water meet.” In some systems, however, an estuary can indicate the meeting point of two water bodies in general; for example, the meeting of lake and river water systems.

Today’s experience out on the lake was a prelude to the two day journey we will embark on tomorrow. We will be paddling to Madeline Island, the first of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. There, we will camp out for the night. The following day, we will paddle to the Waverly Beach on the Bad River Indian Reserve (back on the Wisconsin mainland) where we will talk to the tribal leader Joe Rose. We’re excited for the experiences that will come from this! We’ll write all about it on Wednesday when we return!