CCL students come from many communities throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. They form lasting friendships as they share life-changing experiences and work towards common conservation goals.

Student Profiles
Stewardship Projects

Student Profiles
Below are a few comments from past program participants, with links to more detailed profiles and recollections.

“These three weeks [of the summer experience] were the best three weeks of my life. If anyone has the opportunity to go to this program, you would probably want to stay here for the rest of your life.”

- Chris, CCL Certificate Program participant
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“Being placed in an environment with different people from different places, well, it’s scary. But if there is one lesson that I will take back with me it’s knowing that people can be so different but so alike at the same time… we can share so much.”

- Klarizsa, CCL Certificate Program participant
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“I am especially interested in participating in research and was blown away by the opportunities I have had through CCL to study water, environmental issues and help with service projects. This is amazing opportunity to learn more about the environment and how to protect it.”

- Royce, CCL Certificate Program participant
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“Working hard for something you love, like the environment, is worth it! You can make a difference if you just believe.”

- Yocelin, CCL Certificate Program participant
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“Here in the cool shade under the old tree, these leaves look brown. A familiar brown. A brown that is telling of the world changing from the warmth of summer to the deep freeze of winter.”

- Part of a creative writing project by Amanda, CCL Certificate Program participant
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Stewardship Projects

The CCL 2016-17 participants presented their stewardship projects at a ceremony at the Greenbelt Cultural Center on April 22, 2017 to a large group of family, friends, conservationists and educators. Below is the list of their impressive projects:

Erick Castrejon, Waukegan High School ’19
Project Blue Bird

Michaelangelo Chazaro, Carmel Catholic High School ’20
Project H2O

Martha Diaz, Round Lake High School ’19
Composting: Worm Edition

Marcello Guifarro, Lake Community High School ’20
The Cut Down Effect

Nicole Lach, Maine East High School ’19
Battery Stewardship

Anouk Maskevich, Round Lake High School ’20
Prescribed Burning: History vs. Current Practice

Kimberly Morales, Cristo Rey St. Martin ’20
Roosevelt Park: Purple Loosestrife Removal

Natalia Ocampo, Waukegan High School ’20
Greenbelt Preserve: Shrub Restoration

Sagar Patel, Maine East High School ’19
Seed Collection and Dispersal

Holly Rosales, Waukegan High School ’19
Seeding the Next Generation

Sofia Saldivar, Waukegan High School ’20
Importance of Volunteering

Gabby Sanchez, Cristo Rey St. Martin ’20
Roosevelt Park: Prairie Revival

Anna Schilling, Lake Forest Academy ’20
Creating Habitat for Mason Bees

Zach Szekely, Zion Benton Township ’19
Lake County’s Treasure: Illinois Beach State Park

Domnic Willis, Waukegan High School ’19
Constructing Mason Bee Houses

"CCL has changed the way I see nature and it is now a part of me. I am now part of a revolution. A revolution to help my generation and society take a positive step forward. What I got out of my experience with CCL is knowledge and hope."

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